Instant Underwriting & Verification Powered by DigiFi’s Decision Engine

Integrate data sources, create rules, build decision workflows and deploy powerful predictive models to automate underwriting and fraud detection – all without needing to write any code.

Powerful Decision Engine. Easy User Setup.

Intuitive Decision Flows

One-Click Deployment

No-Code Rule Building

3rd-Party Data Integrations

Simple API Connection

Version & Change Controls

No-Code Lending

Transparent rules

Our decision engine provides visual, drag-and-drop workflows and built-in testing to eliminate black boxes

Instant processing

Decisions can be automatically generated in real-time or batch processes, with comprehensive audit trails

Data integrations

We make it easy to establish direct connections to third-party data sources, such as credit bureaus

API-based integration

Other systems can easily connect to underwriting workflows via automatically-generated API endpoints

Bank-level compliance

We’re SOC 2 compliant and our platform provides versions, change tracking and decision reasons

Predictive models

In addition to processing data and rules, our system can handle scorecards and complex coded models

Plans & Pricing


Best for small teams looking to automate underwriting and fraud detection



per month

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Cloud Hosting

5,000 Monthly Decisions

Technical Support (Email)

User Training

Web & API Access


Best for most lenders that are looking for a next-generation decision engine



per month

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Everything in Startup, plus:

50,000 Monthly Decisions

Technical Support (Phone)

Uptime Guarantee: 99.5%

Response Time Guarantee:
8 Business Hours


Best for large institutions that require exceptional support and SLAs



per month

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Everything in Business, plus:

250,000 Monthly Decisions

Uptime Guarantee 99.9%

Response Time Guarantee:
2 Business Hours

Dedicated Support Lead

Security & Compliance
Audit Support

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