Automate, Control and Optimize Complex Lending Decisions

Digitize your underwriting, verification and other lending decisions to improve credit performance, ensure compliance and increase efficiency. DigiFi’s Decision Engine makes it easy to integrate data sources and build decision workflows – without writing any code.

Completely Automated Decisioning
For underwriting, verification and more

Delivering a streamlined lending experience to your borrowers requires digitizing complex underwriting and verification decisions – going from manual to automated and from in-person to online. DigiFi’s Decision Engine was built to simplify and accelerate this effort.

Unlike legacy systems that are rigid due to hard-coded logic, our Decision Engine enables decision automation with a powerful no-code user interface for implementing complex decision logic and a flexible open-API architecture for near-instant decision processing.

Build Workflows. Connect Systems. Run Decisions.

DigiFi’s Decision Engine lets you implement your own decision workflows, easily connect other systems and generate instant, accurate decisions through both the user interface and real-time API.

Build Workflows With Integrations, Business Rules and Calculations
DigiFi’s Decision Engine provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both business and technical users to build and test decision processes. You control the data structure, decision processes and much more.
We offer a range of data integrations and our platform includes robust change management features.
Generate Accurate Lending Decisions in Real-Time
Decisions can be instantly processed through both our user interface and our API. You can deploy changes to decision processes in just one click, with no downtime or technical expertise required.
You can run decisions individually or in batches, providing flexibility for a wide range of use cases.
Analyze Performance and constantly improve
Data and analytics are critical to automated decisioning. Unlike legacy systems that block your data and make it hard to access, DigiFi makes it easy to export data for use in external analytical and modeling environments.
We provide built-in reporting and data extraction tools, offering your team both simple and advanced options.

Technology-First ApproachTo Automated Decisioning
Technology-FirstApproach ToAutomated Decisioning

Instant Deployment

DigiFi’s Decision Engine allows you to deploy changes in just one click, automatically updating the real-time API to provide zero downtime updates that anyone on your team can manage.

Change Management

The platform includes robust versioning and change tracking, allowing users to safely make and test changes. Once decision logic is productionalized, it is locked to preserve historical results.

Visual Results

The Decision Engine includes decision-level visualizations so that you can understand exactly what happened, plus company-level reporting to get a quick view of the full picture.

Accessible Data

DigiFi’s platform includes built-in data extraction tools, ensuring that you always have access to your own data and can export it for analytics, data storage, modeling or regulatory purposes.

Powerful Integrations

From direct integrations with credit bureaus and data providers to built-in e-sign and bank widgets, we make it easy to work with the best technology vendors across the entire lending stack.

Bulletproof Reliability

We’re proud to run with 99.9%+ uptime and back this up with excellent SLAs and service guarantees. DigiFi is SOC2 certified and manages your data like it’s our own.

Rapid Improvement

DigiFi builds, tests and releases innovative new features every month to ensure that your lending technology is constantly adapting to rapidly changing customer demands.

Developer Friendly

We offer a flexible set of APIs and developer tools so that your team can easily connect other systems, extend platform functionality and integrate DigiFi into your existing environment.

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