About Us

DigiFi is the next-generation platform for automated digital lending. Our products help companies build world-changing lending platforms that combine modular capabilities and unique digital customer experiences.

We’re changing how lenders Launch digital products

Traditional lending platforms limit innovation, rather than enable it. DigiFi’s team previously built and sold a proprietary digital lending platform - we understand the challenges of building, launching and scaling digital platforms in the highly-regulated lending industry, and we’re building DigiFi to help other lenders launch amazing products that users love.

We build lending platforms as unique as you are

Lenders are increasingly defined by their digital presence and brand, as opposed to physical branches. You need a lending platform as unique as you are - not a cookie-cutter solution that your competitors can also buy.  DigiFi takes a different approach, leveraging our expertise to build a custom digital lending platform for each customer, which you own.

Our people are your biggest advantage

DigiFi is a NYC-based company with deep lending expertise and an offshore engineering office based in Belarus where we design and develop world-class technology. This combination gives you the best of both worlds: an amazing team and lower pricing for any customizations that you require.

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