Go Beyond Traditional Underwriting with Machine Learning Models

Leverage your loan history data to train predictive credit risk models with automated machine learning, evaluate using automatically-generated charts and graphs and deploy with a single click.

Flexible, Modular and Modern

Automated Model Training

Algorithm Comparison

Explanatory Charts

API-Based Processing

Comprehensive Results

Instant Model Deployment

Give Your
Underwriting a Boost

Unparalleled risk assessment

ML models can be extremely accurate and our standard 300-850 scale makes them easy to interpret

Explainable decisions

DigiFi’s proprietary explainability framework provides specific reasons for every machine learning decision

No data science expertise required

We’ve automated the complex aspects of machine learning, so it’s easy for everyone to use

Continuous improvement

Easily retrain your model with fresh data to ensure it continues to improve and adapt over time

Algorithm comparisons

Our platform automatically runs a range of ML algorithms and selects the most powerful one for you

Easy implementation

Once a model is trained, your other systems can easily connect to it to request and receive decisions

Plans & Pricing


Best for small teams looking to use machine learning for underwriting



per month

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Cloud Hosting

5,000 Monthly Predictions

1 Use Case

Technical Support (Email)

User Training

Web & API Access


Best for lenders that want to use machine learning for multiple use cases



per month

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Everything in Startup, plus:

50,000 Monthly Decisions

3 Use Cases

Technical Support (Phone)

Uptime Guarantee: 99.5%

Response Time Guarantee:
8 Business Hours


Best for large institutions that require exceptional support and SLAs



per month

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Everything in Business, plus:

250,000 Monthly Decisions

5 Use Cases

Uptime Guarantee 99.9%

Response Time Guarantee:
2 Business Hours

Dedicated Support Lead

Security & Compliance
Audit Support

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