Originate Loans Your Way With The Most Flexible LOS Ever Built

Streamline loan origination with modern user interfaces, an open API and built-in underwriting, process automation, document management and CRM features. You’re in control, with the ability to set up your exact data structure, lending products and origination workflow.

Better Loan Origination
For Any lending Product, Anywhere

Every lender is unique and needs a loan origination system that meets their origination process - not the other way around. In contrast to cookie-cutter legacy systems, DigiFi’s LOS was built to support the unique needs of innovative lenders, with modular capabilities and a modern design that streamlines work and increases productivity.

DigiFi includes everything that’s required to operate a best-in-class lending business, from digital and automation features to credit and regulatory tools. Our platform’s unparalleled flexibility lets you customize the data structure, application views, underwriting processes and borrower communications to optimize your origination workflow.

Work Fast. Stay Compliant. Build Relationships.

DigiFi’s Loan Origination System empowers you set up your own unique lending process, collaborate in real-time during loan origination and develop valuable long-term borrower relationships.

Set Up Your Loan Products and Origination Workflow
DigiFi’s LOS puts you in complete control over the entire lending process. You determine the data structure, origination workflow, application views, user permissions, integrations and more.
Setting up the platform is simple and intuitive, with drag-and-drop interfaces and no-code building blocks.
Collaborate in Real-Time During the Origination Process
DigiFi’s cloud platform is built for the modern world. We empower high-performing teams to work together every step of the lending journey, from application intake and credit underwriting to verification and funding.
Our user interfaces are intuitive, easy to use and packed with powerful capabilities and collaboration features.
Develop a 360-degree view of your borrowers
We believe that lenders should strive to build lifetime relationships with borrowers, and our LOS includes a built-in CRM to provide a complete understanding of your customers and their history with your company.
DigiFi’s platform manages leads, automates marketing, tracks borrower history and much more.

Modern Approach To LoanOrigination Technology
Modern Approach ToLoan OriginationTechnology

Unparalleled Flexibility

Get the best of both buying and building with the only platform that lets you customize the entire loan origination process, including data, products, layouts and much more.

Excellent Design

Your team deserves a system that’s intuitive and modern. DigiFi’s web-based platform combines powerful features with a smart design, making daily work more engaging.

Accessible Data

DigiFi’s platform includes built-in data extraction tools, ensuring that you always have access to your own data and can export it for analytics, data storage, modeling or regulatory purposes.

Workflow Automation

Automation is a core component of DigiFi’s platform. We provide powerful out-of-the-box automation capabilities and build customer-specific automations upon request.

Powerful Integrations

From direct integrations with credit bureaus and data providers to built-in e-sign and bank widgets, we make it easy to work with the best technology vendors across the entire lending stack.

Bulletproof Reliability

We’re proud to run with 99.9%+ uptime and back this up with excellent SLAs and service guarantees. DigiFi is SOC2 certified and manages your data like it’s our own.

Rapid Improvement

DigiFi builds, tests and releases innovative new features every month to ensure that your lending technology is constantly adapting to rapidly changing customer demands.

Developer Friendly

We offer a flexible set of APIs and developer tools so that your team can easily connect other systems, extend platform functionality and integrate DigiFi into your existing environment.

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