Delight Your Customers with
a Proprietary Digital Lending Platform

You need an online lending process that’s as unique as you are – and we can help you build it. Our modern, customer-centric lending portals are uniquely built for every customer, ensuring a perfect user experience.

Custom Designs. Unlimited Capabilities.

Fully Branded

Instant Underwriting

Electronic Signatures

Mobile Optimized

Online Verification

Customer Account Center

DigiFi’s Custom
Online Lending Portals

Uniquely built for you

Cookie-cutter solutions are not our style – we work with you to scope the perfect platform for your business

All-in-one solution

Our team of developers will build, deploy and manage your custom online lending portal for you

Flexible hosting

We offer private web hosting solutions as well as the option to run the lending platform yourself

Custom design

Our in-house designers build beautiful customer experiences that match your company’s brand

Automation & machine learning

Our online lending portals connect to our automated decision engine and machine learning capabilities

Bank-level security

DigiFi is SOC 2 compliant and we make sure your data is safe and secure at all times

Plans & Pricing


Requires Startup-tier Loan Origination System or Decision Engine



per month

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Cloud Hosting

Technical Support (Email)


Requires Business-tier Loan Origination System or Decision Engine



per month

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Everything in Startup, plus:

Technical Support (Phone)

Uptime Guarantee: 99.5%

Response Time Guarantee:
8 Business Hours


Requires Enterprise-tier Loan Origination System or Decision Engine



per month

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Everything in Business, plus:

Uptime Guarantee 99.9%

Response Time Guarantee:
2 Business Hours

Dedicated Support Lead

Security & Compliance
Audit Support

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