Automated Underwriting System for Mortgage, Consumer & SMB Lenders

DigiFi's Automated Underwriting System (AUS) is a rules-based decisioning platform that lets you connect to third-party data, build underwriting and verification workflows, run machine learning models and generate real-time loan and insurance decisions via API.

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Powerful AUS Capabilities

Modern Design & Interface

API & Desktop Underwriting

Pass/Fail/Refer & Loan Terms

Build Rules Without Coding

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Flexible logic types

Our AUS lets you run pass/fail requirements, scorecards, predictive models and more to approve eligible applicants

3rd-party integrations

Our platform connects with external data providers, so as a lender you can pull a credit report and other key data

Embedded testing suite

You can run individual cases or batch tests directly through our platform, then export and analyze results

Connect systems via API

Easily connect DigiFi’s AUS to other mortgage loan systems including offerings from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

SOC 2 compliant

DigiFi is bank-level compliant and our platform provides strong security features, including 2-factor authentication

Machine learning for underwriting

We go beyond other automated underwriting systems with optional machine learning that learns from historical loan data

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Automated Underwriting System FAQ

What is an automated underwriting system (AUS)?

Automated underwriting systems are software applications designed to receive inputs (typically from a home loan application), gather additional data (typically from a credit report) and return automated underwriting decisions on (1) the availability of financing, (2) the terms and pricing for the loan and (3) any conditions that may apply.  Common factors that are considered during the automated underwriting process include self-reported information from the home loan application and credit report data such as credit score, credit history and tradeline details. Some of the most commonly used AUS’s are Desktop Underwriter from Fannie Mae and Loan Prospector from Freddie Mac.

For example, if a loan officer receives a loan application for a home loan, they'll input the relevant information into an automated underwriting system, which will approve eligible borrowers for an underwritten mortgage loan, reject ineligible borrowers for a mortgage loan and, if applicable, request additional information in certain cases.  

Does DigiFi's platform include pre-built credit policies?

No, DigiFi's system is different because we strive to make it easy to implement, test and deploy your own underwriting policy, rather than providing existing logic that you must use (in comparison to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which provide logic for their own agency mortgage lending programs).

What kind of loans can be underwritten through your AUS?

Nearly every type of lender can benefit from an AUS, but DigiFi's automated underwriting system is most commonly used for personal loans, auto loans, non-qualified mortgage loans (non-QM), HELOCs, credit cards and small business loans and lines of credit. If you're a commercial lender, automation typically starts with our Loan Origination System, and our AUS can be leveraged for smaller-dollar loan applications.

How customizable are DigiFi's data integrations?

We offer fully customized integrations to a wide range of data providers. For example, you have the option to define unique variables to be calculated from raw credit report data during automated decisioning.

Can DigiFi help me transition from manual underwriting to automated underwriting?

Yes, if your process is currently manual, we can help you translate existing, potentially ambiguous credit policies into rule-based workflows that can be automated. In certain cases, we'll also suggest third-party consulting firms that can help you make the transition from manual underwriting to automated underwriting.

Does DigiFi make ongoing changes for me, or do I do it myself?

Both options are available. We can implement and manage your credit underwriting process or you can appoint an internal loan officer or risk management professional to manage it yourself - it's completely up to you. If you would like DigiFi to do this, our in-house specialists perform this work in our offshore engineering center, and we're therefore able to offer low, fair rates to any lender that needs these services.

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